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Service With Integrity

When we talk about the traits of successful People, the usual traits are confidence, persistence, patience .... 

Dave Lee, being in the Real Estate industry for more than 10 years, possessed not only the above traits ...
Art of listening is also one of the rare trait of his success, He is always willing and ready to listen to the needs of his clients & people around him. 

Displaying articulateness is also part of his success journey. Not only does he know how to listen.. he is able to Say things & paint them out. The ability to inject humour has also helped him to lightened up the hearts of his clients thus winning them over. 

Currently, Dave Lee is a Project IC in Orangetee & Tie for various projects, leading a Team Of TOP Realtors who achieved great results in all Sectors. In Addition, He is also a well received Trainer for Property Wealth Planning, Prospecting methods , Procedures In HDB transactions & Many more. 

Unconventional as he is, Dave Lee’s TOP most focus is to help his Clients to live a better life. He is always constantly learning & reinventing ways to assist his clients resolve issues, finding solutions to Multiply their wealth through Creative plannings. 

His Motto in Life is “I may not be the best or the richest, but I promise to serve with integrity”


Service With Heart

Sherry Ang has joined Real Estate industry since 2010. With years of experience as a Real Estate Consultant, she is dedicated and professional in handling all sales and rental transactions. 

Sherry always believed in serving her clients wholeheartedly. To her, listening n catering to her clients needs are of utmost importance. She would go the extra mile to help resolve issues and provide solutions according to her clients' needs. 

Her clients' interests are always her top most priority. 

Sherry has been commended for always working hard and always making sure her clients feel completely taken care of so that they can be at ease and know that their properties are in good hands. 


Currently Sherry Ang is also a team builder, leading a team of 50 passionate real estate consultants who are like-minded like her. She is also a project In-Charge in Orangtee & Tie for various New homes Projects. Sherry has given trainings and is NLP trained to further inspire and moitvate her team in their personal growth. 

To her, her motto in life is "I am all ready to serve you wholeheartedly, always listening to cater to all your Real Estate Needs"



Find You the Best Home

Kevin Li, a dedicated full time real estate salesperson who is a consistent top achiever in Orangetee & Tie Pte Ltd.


Striving to achieve excellence in providing industry insights and real estate services, he graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with Bachelor of Engineering(Honours) in 2011.
Kevin Li is well versed with all HDB transactions as well as Private Homes. 
Besides, he is also a team leader for many New Project Launches in Singapore. Kevin’s greatest aspiration is to help every client to fulfill their desire to find a dream home or to start their real estate investment journey. He would Service anyone and everyone who comes to him wholeheartedly. 
With an excellent interpersonal skills and charisma, he is able to help many of his clients fulfill their dreams of embarking on a Journey of Property Wealth Planning. 

His motto in life is “Everyone Deserves the Opportunity of Home”

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