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Whether you are looking to Sell a HDB or Private property, SINGJIA is all ready to provide you a Comprehensive Service from Advertising, Video & Digital marketing, conducting house tours & viewings, negotiations and all documentation procedures. You can rest assured that Singjia will see you through the whole Sales Process & you can rest assured that you are leaving your property in Good Hands.  

What We Do


Thinking of Leasing your property?With full service provided by SINGJIA from marketing to getting you the right tenants, conducting house tours and viewings, getting the necessary approvals, getting the documentation done, documenting all the inventories and Handing-overs and taking-over services, you can be at ease and relax knowing that your property is completely well taken care of in good hands. 


  • Should I buy a New Condo Launch or should I Buy Resale Private apartment?

  • Should I buy a property which is Leasehold or should I buy a property that is Freehold?

  • The Per Square Feet Price for properties are getting higher, will I Make a loss?

  • There are so many new project launches in Singapore, will there be Oversupply?

  • Will Property Prices drop?

Let SINGJIA journey together with you in our NEW HOME ANALYSIS

Showing you the Pros and Cons of different Projects. With our New Project Analysis, Careful In-Depth study of each project and detailed planning, let us help you find the best investment and Solutions to cater for every Individual Unique Requirements


  • Have you always wanted to Upgrade but lack of the "KNOW_ HOW"?

  • Have you always wondered how much income, savings or reserves you need in order to Upgrade comfortably?

  • Is Upgrading & Property Investments only for the RICH & Wealthy?

  • Can I Make Money with Property Investments?

  • Is Property Investments RISKY?

  • Can I Retire comfortably with Property Investment?

Let SINGJIA assist you to find the answers to your questions through our FREE step by step and systematic plans through our Property Wealth Planning Strategies. 


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